Avance Comunicación

Idea, concept development, design and motion graphics for Avance Comunicación agency's promo video.

Briefing and Treatment

After more than 25 years, the agency Avance Comunicación had just renewed its corporate image. They also wanted to update its field of action towards video with a dynamic, striking, original and representative corporate video of the agency and its new approach. It would demonstrate what they are capable of doing, in a different way (not only descriptive, but conceptual).

With these requirements in mind, I came up with the idea of takingthe name of the company AVANCE and create an acronym with it: each letter of the word would form new words, identified with the company's values.

Éxito (Success)


A conceptual scene was recorded for each word, which appears with motion graphics. We used simple objects and hand actions, on plain coloured backgrounds, to convey positivity, elegance and clarity.


ATTITUDE: A handshake shows confidence, security, closeness, leadership attitude.


VERSATILITY: By means of origami, two hands show the multiple possibilities of a piece of paper, till they manage to make a plane and launch it to fly.


ANALYSIS: An extended hand is measured in detail with animated motion graphics.


NOTORIETY: Among a series of white eggs, a golden one stands out. A hand enters into the frame, grabs the golden egg, breaks it and pours golden glitters from inside it.


CREATIVITY: A classic bust is immersed in water. Suddenly, clouds of paint coloured the scene.


ÉXITO (SUCCESS): Two hands try to reach a winged trophy. They succeed, then they lift it and confetti explodes to celebrate that.


FINAL LOGO: I animates the new picto to highlight the impossible "endless" shape with volume, which changes colour..