Idea, creative direction, design and motion graphics and video editing for a pack of three videos for Itepal company, conformed by a corporative video and two promo videos: one to introduce Itepal Design and another video in loop to exhibit in a trade fair.


The client defined his company as "young, professional, modern and at the same time traditional in materials". Therefore, for the corporate video I decided to use a minimalist and elegant style of typography and motion graphics, to combine with modern music and more traditional images.


In the case of the Itepal Design presentation video, I wanted to highlight with motion graphics the concepts of "design", "minimalism", "elegance" and "precision". The music and the edition provide that "modern" and "innovative" touch representative of the company.


Finally, the Itepal promotional Loop seeks to transmit the concept of "youth", "game", "modernity" and "design" in a striking, fun and instantaneous way; since it would be exhibited in a market fair as an attraction.