Psicoterapia EMDR

Direction, script, art direction, design, illustration, storyboard, animation, sound and music mix.

EMDR is a relatively new form of psychotherapy and not everybody knows its functioning. I realised there are not many explainer animated videos about it and the ones I found didn't explain very well how it works or they were not very visually attractive. So, I offered Centrum Psicólogos a video to illustrate EMDR therapy, since they are specialised in this technique, and they agreed.

Centrum Psicólogos' identity has a very minimalist style, their attitude is warm and their therapies are short, effective, new and different. Therefore, I chose a handcraft minimalist style with a "straight to the point" approach.
Regarding the main character, we knew we wanted a non-gendered or androgynous persona, so anyone can identify with it. I made lots of options but we chose the most minimalist of them all, since it matches with the client's image and this "universal relatability" feature.