Soul Pigeons' Loop

Direction, script, art direction, design, illustration, storyboard and animation.

Fran Tractha and his band, Soul Pigeons, asked me to create a short animation loop to promote their song "Radio". They wanted an urban ambient and pigeon characters. I came up with this piece, inspired by NYC ambient (with its skyscrapers and rooftop parties) and my cat! Having this in consideration, I decided to use a handmade style, almost like if the elements were painted on a wall. I also wanted to use 3D space to emphasise the urban design, so I illustrated each building with front side, lateral sides and roof.
Regarding the characters, I designed different options. One of them consisted in pigeon with humanoid bodies. However, when I introduced the "cat plot twist", I came up with the final design: pigeons with the band members' clothes and instruments.