Script, art direction, design, illustration and animation for "Subterranean" music video by Soul Pigeons (
I had so much fun doing this project because they gave me almost total creative freedom. Soul Pigeons asked me to do a music video about an explorer who is about to embark on a journey out to sea, unaware of the danger that lies ahead: a sea monster. They imagined the story happened around the time when scientists were discussing if the Earth was flat or round.

They also showed me some references and I realized they wanted something kind of dark, vintage, crafty, handmade style, like illustrated and animated cardboard layers . Animation wouldn't be super smooth, with a low frame rate, to give it that old touch.

I came up with the idea of connecting all the elements of this story (old Physics, explorer, sea monsters, travel...) through an old cartography and cosmology map.

I think it works very well because It enhances its mythic characteristics, creating a sort of structure of anticipation and fulfillment.

Soul Pigeons explained me that they imagined their protagonist as a scientist or an artist. So I imagined the protagonist as a kind of Galileo with the inventiveness of Leonardo Da Vinci and fast resources of Dr. Gatchet. I made some sketches and they love it immediately.